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Published 8 years, 6 months ago
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As Ichigo and the others prepare for a team audition, they decide that Otome needs to obtain some premium cards. After Johnny warns them that the designer for Otome's favourite brand, Happy Rainbow, is a very strict person, the girls work on their team training. On the day of the audition, Orihime manages to arrange a last minute meeting with the designer, although Otome ends up getting lost. Just then, she encounters an old woman named Ikuyo who is searching for a campher tree where she once confessed to her first love. Otome decides to help her search for it, enlisting the help of the others. After searching through countless shrines, the girls find the location of the tree, only to learn it was cut down following a typhoon. Thanking the girls anyway, Ikuyo rewards Otome with a ring that she was given after being turned down. Although the Happy Rainbow designer, Makoto, initially refuses to give Otome her cards due to showing up late, he notices the ring Ikuyo gave her is the same as the one passed down to him by his father, realising he was the one Ikuyo confessed to. Accepting the ring, Makoto awards Otome with the premium cards and the girls manage to make it to their audition, where they earn the Mastery of Appearance. Afterwards, Mizuki informs Ichigo that they'll be performing together.

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