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AKB0048: Next Stage
Published 8 years, 8 months ago
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Following the broadcast of the trial, Chieri has seen a popularity boost and has been getting more work. Meanwhile, Tsubasa announces that there will be a new guerilla channel for AKB themed shows, with the understudies to star in a variety show. As Cheri's father is seen developing artificial Kiraras, Tsubasa becomes curious as to how were able to break into Kasumigastar so easily. Meanwhile, Nagisa, who has yet to make a poster for the general elections, notices Chieri hasn't made one either. As Tsubasa becomes disappointed by the quality of the variety shows, Chieri shares her worries with Nagisa, saying she would rather be elected for her skill than for the trial broadcast. They are approached by Yuki and Haruna "Kojiharu" Kojima, who tell them to watch Atsuko's video for the general elections, which also showed Yūko from before she was a successor, when she was known as Hikari Kimishima. As the girls learn the variety shows are being broadcast on planets with the strictest entertainment ban laws, they put more effort into entertaining the audience whilst Nagisa and Chieri complete their posters. Tsubasa soon announced the early results for the general elections, with Chieri ranked in 9th place.

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