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Published 8 years, 6 months ago
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As the New Year rolls in, Orihime informs Mizuki of her planned partnership with Ichigo for a special stage event. Meanwhile, Ichigo ends up eating too much over the New Year's break and gains weight by the time school starts up again. Wanting her to get back into shape, Aoi and Ran enter Ichigo into a Shining Girl audition and try to get her to exercise, but can't seem to break her out of her lazy and gluttonous habit. They soon show her that she will be unable to use her Aikatsu cards if she doesn't put her all into being an idol. Remembering how hard Mizuki trains, Ichigo resolves to train harder and starts going on a diet. Despite losing her New Year's weight, Ichigo keeps pushing herself to lose more weight until Mizuki reminds her that it's okay to eat sweet things in moderation. After Ichigo passes her audition, she and the others are informed of a drama audition they will be competing against each other in.

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8 years, 6 months ago