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Published 8 years, 5 months ago
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As Ichigo ends up volunteering everyone to help out for a Christmas party on the day of the special event, she notices the normally energetic Yuna Nakayama is feeling down due to her parents working around Christmas. As Ichigo becomes determined to prepare a special Christmas Tree for her, she and the others, along with a television producer filming for the special event, heads to Angely Mountain to find a suitable tree. Chopping down the biggest tree they could find, the girls ride it down the mountain before Angely Sugar's gardener helps them take it back to the academy, where the other students help to decorate it. Having been pleased with their efforts as they are aired on TV, Orihime awards the girls with some rare Aikatsu cards for their special event. As Yuna beholds the tree her friends prepared for her, she is delighted by the surprise arrival of her parents. As the Christmas party gets underway, Orihime is in talks about pairing Ichigo up with Mizuki.

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8 years, 5 months ago