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Published 8 years, 7 months ago
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As Ichigo, Aoi and Ran train for their special audition, they ask Johnny for help on obtaining special Premium Cards needed for their audition. As Johnny and Orihime arrange a meeting with the brand designers, the girls train to perform one of Mizuki's songs to impress them. Whilst visiting the library, they meet Michelle Tachibana and Asuna Himero, who are also training for the special audition. Aoi and Ran later have their meetings with their respective brand designers, managing to receive some Premium Cards. Ichigo's meeting with her brand, Angely Sugar, ends up coming close to the special audition, but she decides to take a chance anyway. However, when her Aikatsu Phone runs out of battery, she ends up taking the long route up the side of a mountain. Admiring her effort, the designer rewards her with cards of her latest design, and Ichigo manages to make it back just in time for her audition. The girls manage to put on an amazing performance and pass the audition alongside Michelle and Asuna, receiving a light in their Aikatsu Phones known as a Mastery. Later that night, Ichigo runs into Mizuki again, who tells her this is just the beginning.

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8 years, 7 months ago