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Published 8 years, 8 months ago
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As Ichigo and Ran head to their fashion shoot, Ichigo realises she doesn't have an autograph signature. Hearing about this, Johnny tasks Ichigo and Aoi to come up with a signature by the next day. Ran agrees to help them figure out an autograph to use, spending all night helping them out. Although Aoi's autograph is approved by Johnny, he feels Ichigo's design would take too long to write. Rather than just design a more simpler one, Ichigo undergoes training to try and write hers more quickly. Later, Ichigo is asked by her family to pay them a visit, which Raichi turns into an autograph session. However, Ichigo finds that her enthusiasm to get her autograph done quickly is alienating her fans. After some advice from Ran, Ichigo learns that it's fine to sacrifice the quality of an autograph for the sake of interacting more with your fans. This meets the approval of Johnny, who rewards Ichigo with some rare Aikatsu cards: Angely Sugar, which helps her win an audition to be a stationary spokeswoman.

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8 years, 8 months ago