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Published 8 years, 9 months ago
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Ichigo and Aoi begin their first day at Starlight Academy, taking in the sights before moving into their dorm. They then meet up with the headmistress, Orihime Mitsuishi, who gives them the Aikatsu cards they selected in the audition, as well as an Aikatsu Phone used to store their cards. They are soon introduced to their homeroom teacher, Johnny Bepp, and are enrolled in their class. The girls are then informed of a special audition, the winner of which gets to be Mizuki's temporary manager, the catch being that there's only one slot available. As Aoi works hard on her lessons, she explains to Ichigo about how she gained her love of idols. During the audition, Ichigo trips up during the performance whilst Aoi is declared the winner. As Ichigo laments her loss later that night, she encounters Mizuki, who warns her that she may not always be able to be by Aoi's side.

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8 years, 9 months ago