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Ai Yori Aoshi
Published 9 years, 8 months ago
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In the past Mayu and Kaoru had met when he had cheered her up after Mayu's parent informed her that they could not attend her birthday party. He cheers her up by playing with the doll her father had given her as a birthday gift and explained that her parents are still there, while his aren't anymore. In the morning Kaoru goes straight to college, still sleepy from playing games with Mayu, prompting more rumors. Kaoru attempts calling Aoi, however, Miyabi is conducting office calls from home, so the calls do not go through. Aoi does not know this so not hearing from Kaoru causes her to worry more. In the end, Kaoru comes clean and apologizes to Aoi, who tells him that an apology wasn't necessary, and forgives him. The episode ends with Kaoru and Aoi kissing on the gallery under the moon.

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9 years, 8 months ago