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Published 9 years, 9 months ago
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The military found out about the Eye of Mikhail and its master, Teito, and decide to search for him. Teito finds out that his Zaiphon seems to have been drained since the leaving of the Eye of Mikhail. One of his friends gives Teito some of his energy to allow him to be able to continue. After the examn starts, all the aspirant bishops enter the first hall. This chamber uses the fear in peoples hearts to hold them down, after Teito gathers his resolve he manages to walk out as one of the first. The next challenge is to answer questions in several rooms using their Zaiphon while trying to stay alive. Halfway through the examn, Teito decides to help the old men to cross the rope bridge. Finally they reach the last challenge: the challenge states that only one of them can pass through the door of Victor and the other has to use the door of the Defeated. After fighting each other, the winner has to write his name on the wall before passing through the door of the Victor. After arguing about it, they both run off through the door of the Defeated, while writing "Damn You!" in place of the names. After passing, a voice inquires why they choose this door and Hakuren replies: "Nobody has been defeated and nobody has won" at which point Teito says: "I'm just here to be with my friend". Bishop Lance appears and tells them that their selfless solution made them pass.

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9 years, 9 months ago