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Published 9 years, 9 months ago
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Castor, Labrador, and Frau talk about the mysterious figure who attacked Castor. That night Teito begins his special training with Castor and the "Frau" dolls. When Teito returns to his room, Hakuren inquires about what he was doing so late at night. As Teito changes, Hakuren notices the sklave tattoo on Teito's lower back. Then Hakuren tells Teito the reason he wants to become a Bishop. One night during his training session, Castor gives him a professional-grade Bascules and tells him to try it out on the "Frau" dolls. He sends them flying and when hes done, Castor invites Hakuren to join them, since he'd been watching the whole thing for a while. On the way back both Hakuren and Teito are attacked by a shadow monster. They are saved by Frau. Both of them wake up back in Frau's room and Frau explains that what attacked them was a Wars. Teito declares that when he becomes strong to protect Hakuren, he wants to become his friend. Frau makes a vague comment about what the scythe is doing to him.

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9 years, 9 months ago