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Published 9 years, 9 months ago
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Aldo, the criminal, is mysteriously murdered. Later that night Teito can't sleep so he goes for a walk. He ends up stopping by a picture of a woman holding a baby. Then he gets a flashback of a strange man holding him when he was a child. He then returns to his room. The next day Teito heads towards the library and ends up seeing a vision of his past again, causing him to fall out of his chair. He then is joined by Hakuren and Frau. Hakuren gives a book to Frau, which ends up being one of Frau's many porn stashes. The two instantly bond after that. Then Assistant Arch-Bishop Bastian comes and confiscates it after hitting Frau upside the head. They both leave after that. Later Teito is seen looking for Frau's room in order to return his broken Bascule. As he approaches it he overhears Frau and Castor talking about him. Frau senses someone at the door and opens it to reveal a shocked Teito. He apologizes to Frau, then runs off upset. He has another flashback about his life as a church orphan with "Father." Later he and Frau have a talk about the Eye of Mikhail, where Teito accuses Frau and the Church of wanting the power of The Eye. Frau in turn tells Teito that its up to him to decide whether or not to trust them. A mysterious figure is seen challenging Castor, by almost attacking him.

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9 years, 9 months ago