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Published 9 years, 8 months ago
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Mikage, controlled by Ayanami, is still fighting Teito while Frau is on his way. Teito finally awakens with his eyes bloody-red and the Eye-of-Mikhail on his hands. The Collar on Teito's neck is close to bursting. Half out of control, Teito sends out multiple shots of Zaiphon damaging mass of the room. Ayanami uses a Binding-Zaiphon to strangle him and stop him, so he can't do much damage. Frau finally appears recognized by Ayanami as the God "Zehel", one of the Seven Ghosts. Frau cuts off the strangling Threads from Teito and tries to stop Ayanami. Ayanami and Frau have a little discussion. In a short period of time where the scythe is close to Mikage, Ayanami takes action and pushes the Scythe away. A short part of the Wing is cut off. Ayanami stops controlling Mikage, while Mikage's Wing starts to shatter. Feathers appear and Mikage is starts to vanish. Frau then takes Teito to his dorm. Moments appear, where Teito and Mikage befriended and some things what happened. Frau visits Teito, and Teito notices a cute pet which is crawling close to him, which turns out to be the reincarnation of Mikage. Frau tries to remove Teito's collar but ends up making pact with him meaning Frau has become Teito's master.

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9 years, 8 months ago