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Air Gear
Published 9 years, 8 months ago
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While defeating another team, Agito is confronted by Croissant Mask (Ringo in disguise). Agito seems to have anticipated her arrival, and faces off against. Ringo then states that Agito was just defeating the east side teams for two reasons: to expand Kogarasumaru's area as quickly as possible, and for his own personal gain. She then warns him that she'll come if Agito tries to use Kogarasumaru again and leaves. Apparently, Agito can tell that Ringo is behind the mask. Once Ikki learns that Agito has been spreading their area he is elated. Later, they visit an arcade to play a punching bag game that Ikki has the highest score in. They come to see that one of the machines is broken with a punching score of 996, with Ikki's only being 496. The machine was broken by the leader of an extremely large D-Class team called Behemoth, whose name is Akira Udo. The guys find a weird looking elephant-bike, which belongs to Mitsuru Bondo, The Cyclops Hammer, one of the Behemoth's Holy Four. After brutally punching Onigiri for touching it, Ikki charges toward him only to have Ringo block his way, and Mitsuru giving him an onslaught of brutal attacks and knocking him back. Mitsuru even displays that his strength is so great that he could knock over 400+ pound Buccha like it was nothing. Back at home, Ringo, Ume, and Mikan confronts Agito about putting Ikki's team at risk (though Ringo apparently breaks her cover about being Croissant Mask). Agito then explains that he was luring Behemoth away from their home turf to Kogarasumaru's turf so they could have a Parts War. He also eplains that since it's their turf, they'll have an F-Class Parts War, or Dash Parts War, which gives them a good advantage considering that Kazu, Croissant Mask, and Agito himself are extremely fast Riders. Ikki appears and refuses, though Agito has chosen the 5 riders and Ikki wasn't part of them. Meanwhile, Mitsuru meets up with two of the other Holy Four. THey comment that Kogarasumaru was unworthy of a challenge, though Mitsuru only did it to let Akira have a rematch against Agito, after his apparent loss. Later, the two teams meet, though Ikki messes up te plan by just challenging them to a fight. Mitsuru is infuriated and somewhat accepts, though this is interrupted by the unlikely appearance of Akira, who says that on the next full moon (10 days), they'll fight. About a week into it, they are doing training on close combat, with Agito being a drill sargeant. Agito leaves and meets up with the Wind G-Men. The team interrogates him the next morning, leving with Akito giving them a quote. The 10 days pass, and the team meets up in Behemoth's hideout where all 1000+ members have shown up to watch the Holy Four fight Kogarasumaru.

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9 years, 8 months ago