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Published 9 years, 2 months ago
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Yuri-sensei complains about nothing happening during the school holidays compared to her students and being in her thirties she is still single. Preparations have begun for the school's cultural festival, with the student president and her brother in charge. The council helps make decisions, yet the students also formulate plans in order to help themselves with their love lives. Suggested ideas are a maid café and a cosplay café among others, but the draw results in a professional wrestling skit. Kōji Haruta creates a play that has roles for all everyone. Throughout the day, Taiga receives phone calls from her father. When she ignores them all, he empties her living expenses account. Taiga finally answers her father's calls and sends Ryūji to talk to him. Taiga's father waits for Taiga and Ryūji to come home, where Taiga immediately kicks her father's groin. Ryūji persuades Taiga, and Taiga's father is finally able to talk with her.

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