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Yona of the Dawn
Published 6 years, 5 months ago
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Soon after Yona and her companions mention searching for the yellow dragon warrior, he shows up at their campsite, drawn by the smell of food. Hak, Shin-ah and Ki-ja recognise the yellow dragon warrior, who casually greets them. He refers to himself as Zeno and agrees to join Yona's group for the food, although he didn't feel any awakening when he met her. Zeno claims he has a tough body, although he doesn't appear to have any power. Ki-ja is disappointed, but Yona trusts that he is the yellow-dragon. Yun brings them all to the priest, Iksu, and asks him what the sword and shield from the legend are. Iksu tells them they will know it when it happens. Zeno asks Yona what she wants to do with the four dragons. Yona admits to Ik-su that she still loves Su-won and Hak overhears her. Hak finds Yona practicing with a sword, and they take shelter from the rain in a cave. Meanwhile, Elder Mun-deok brings his new protégé to Hiryuu castle, where Su-won is still working on fixing the kingdom. Yona and her companions watch soldiers travelling through Kouka Kingdom.