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Absolute Duo
Published 6 years, 8 months ago
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Being told that they're someone like her, Lilith Bristol travels to Japan in order to meet Tooru Kokonoe, because he is special, just like her. Much later, everyone gathered at the classroom, Tora and Tatsu thanks Miyabi and Tomoe for helping them when they where injured. During the lesson, Tooru thinks about what Sakuya said before. But in the middle of the lesson, Lilith appeareas and tells Tooru to come with her, which annoys Rito. Lilith says that starting from now on, Tooru will be her Duo partner, but Tooru explains that he already has a Duo partner and declined. Later, Tooru asks Julie if she wants to go somewhere the next break, and she says yes. The break starting, Julie and Tooru are on their way to a mall that Miyabi recommended , but Miyabi told him that she already had plans with Tomoe. After buying clothes for Julie, they both eat ice cream while being watched by Tomoe and Miyabi. However, while watching, a group of boys where hitting at them and telling them to come with them. Tomoe resisted, but the boys took Miyabi's hand, which made Tomoe angry and told them to stop, however, Tooru came to the rescue and told them that they're with him, but that made the boys even more angry, but before they could do anything, Lilith quickly came behind them and attacked them with her Rifle. But that was the thing that Tooru was very suprised over; he realizes that rifle is a excepction..

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6 years, 8 months ago