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Akame ga Kill!
Published 6 years, 11 months ago
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Everyone survives the massive explosion set by Bols' Rubicante. Retreating, Bols meets a wounded girl and treats the wound with a bandage, but the girl is revealed to be a disguised Chelsea, who pierces his nape with a poisoned needle. Bols tries to crawl away to get home, but he dies. Chelsea meets up with Lubbock and requests for reinforcements before Kurome acquires new puppets. She then disguises herself as Bols and pursues Kurome. In the Night Raid outpost, they debrief on their skirmish with the Jaegers until Lubbock arrives and relays Chelsea's request. Meanwhile, Kurome recalls her past with her older sister Akame. They had been tested in order to become capable assassins and passed, but they were separated in the process. Afterwards, Kurome was designated on the Imperial forces and experimented with various drugs to enhance her fighting prowess. In the present day, Kurome is joined by Chelsea, whom she mistakes to be Bols. Realizing Kurome is exhausted, Chelsea takes the opportunity to stab her with another poisoned needle. Believing Kurome is dead, Chelsea recalls her early days as an apprentice, during which she witnessed her master brutally toying people and accepting bribes, later killing him after using her then-newly-acquired Imperial Arm. Suddenly, Kurome, who survived Chelsea's poison, uses Natala and Doya to kill her. Akame and Tatsumi reach a town, and the latter is horrified to see Chelsea's decapitated head placed on the top of a pole.

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