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Published 7 years ago
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With the crowd awed by WM's performance, Ichigo and Seira become excited thinking about the opportunities that await them even after the concert. Using this excitement, the girls step on stage and give a stunning performance, bring the Twinkle Star Cup to a close. With the votes across the nation tallied together, the winning unit is revealed to be 2wingS. As the idols are interviewed, Seira thanks all the people who supported her, whilst Ichigo expresses her desire to chase after many more dreams. Upon hearing Ichigo's words, Mizuki expresses the joy of becoming an idol and aiming to make Aikatsu shine brighter, before presenting Ichigo and Seira with their winning trophy. Afterwards, Mizuki shows her gratitude to Orihime and Ringo, while Mikuru expresses her new dream to face Mizuki as a rival idol someday.

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