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Published 7 years, 1 month ago
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Mizuki and Mikuru announce they plan to disband WM following the Twinkle Star Cup, regardless of if they win or lose. Curious as to how they came to that decision, Ichigo and Seira pay them a visit to find out why. Mikuru explains she made the decision to break-up so she can focus on an upcoming gardening tournament and make gardening more popular in Japan. As Ichigo and Seira, brimed with encouraged, practise hard to respond to their wishes, Mikuru shows Mizuki her idea for the gardening tournament. The day of the Twinkle Star Cup soon arrives, with WM first up to perform. After giving everything their all, Mikuru gives Mizuki her heartfelt thanks for everyone she has done for her, while Ichigo and Seira prepare for their performance.

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