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Published 7 years, 2 months ago
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Asked by Kii's computer to find out the differences between Starlight Academy and Dream Academy, Ichigo and Seira trade places and spend a day attending each other's school. As each girl learns more about the differences between the two schools, Ichigo learns how Dream Academy is focused on freedom of choice, whilst Seira learns Starlight Academy focuses more on rivalry and overcoming limits. During the night, Seira encounters Naoto, who explains how Tiara came to create Dream Academy. Wanting girls to be able to fulfill their dreams of becoming idols, but fearing that not everyone would be able to achieve their goal, even after being accepted into Starlight Academy, Tiara decided to found her own school based on her own beliefs, offering multiple courses so girls could choose who they want to be. Naoto further reveals that Tiara's ultimate dream was to debut an idol only Dream Academy is capable to raising, which turned out to be Seira. With the exchange coming to an end, both Ichigo and Seira realize they were able to become the idols they are because of the schools they went to.

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7 years, 2 months ago