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Published 7 years, 2 months ago
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Mizuki meets up with Orihime and proposes a Twinkle Star Cup, in which both Starlight Academy and Dream Academy will each put forward an idol to team up and challenge WM. Orihime entrusts Aoi with choosing an idol worthy of meeting Mizuki's challenge, with Kii also chosen to select an idol from Dream Academy. As the two meet up at a café to discuss how to go about it, a mishap involving a parfait and a cheesecake gives them a flash of inspiration. Aoi and Kii take Ichigo and Seira to have them try on each other's favorite brand, with each finding the change of style refreshingly different. They continue this pace by trying each other's favorite activities. To finish things off, Aoi and Kii have Maria drop Ichigo and Seira in the middle of the woods, where they realise that, though it is fine to be in sync, it is their differences that make their partnership special. Having had faith in their friends for coming to this realization, Aoi and Kii pick Ichigo and Seira to face off against WM.

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7 years, 2 months ago