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Akame ga Kill!
Published 7 years ago
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The unknown figure from the previous episode kills a girl by beheading her despite her pleas. Tatsumi is informed of the figure, who is named Zank the Executioner; a former executioner of the largest dungeon in the empire who became insane from killing many innocents and is now addicted to cutting off heads of his victims. Zank also possesses a powerful Imperial Arm called Spectator, a large green eye strapped to his forehead. Najenda reveals how Imperial Arms were made and each member of Night Raid possess one as well. It is also revealed that when two Imperial Arm users fight, one has to die. Night Raid is then sent on a mission to eliminate Zank. Tatsumi, who is paired with Akame, is led away by a vision of Sayo and severely wounded in a battle with Zank, whose Spectator is revealed to be able to foresee the future movements and attacks of the opponent and can also confuse the opponent with the image of their most beloved one. Just when Tatsumi is about to be killed, Akame appears and battles with Zank, who attempts to distract her with the vision of a young girl who once fought with Akame in the past. However, she quickly kills him and replies that because the girl is who she loves the most, she must kill her the quickest. As he succumbs to his wounds, Zank's thanks Akame as he no longer hears the voices of the innocent he executed which drove him mad and dies in peace. Akame goes to Tatsumi's aid and promises to clean his wounds.

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