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Published 7 years, 3 months ago
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Aoi is requested to produce and star in her own music video to promote Futuring Girl. As Aoi struggles to come up with an idea in the short time she's been given, she hears from Yurika about how her commercial was built up from a simple idea, inspiring Aoi to use a fashion show as the basis for her music video. After her ideas are approved by the rest of the staff, the hard work begins as Aoi collaborates with the other staff to develop the idea, facing additional challenges as changes have to be made. On the day of the video's shooting, Ichigo follows Ringo's advice and goes with Raichi to the studio in a rabbit suit to show their support and provide lunch. When Aoi suspects something missing from the video, she is inspired by Ichigo moving about in her outfit to add some additional choreography, with the finished video becoming well received.

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