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Published 7 years, 4 months ago
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Whilst awaiting WM's performance, Mikuru worries that she won't be able to match Soleil's performance, but Mizuki gives her some assurance, stating she chose to face Soleil because they would be tough opponents. Meanwhile, Ichigo receives a call from Ringo, who states it is thanks to WM's appearance that Soleil is able to shine as a legend. Before WM's performance, Mizuki pays a visit to Orihime, recalling her words that no idol can become a legend by herself, finally coming to understand the meaning of her words, whilst Mikuru pays a brief visit to Soleil, managing to overcome her nerves. With their resolve to become legends strengthened, WM bring out a stunning performance that wins out over Soleil. Afterwards, Mizuki gives her thanks to Soleil, stating it was because of them chasing her and Mikuru that WM managed to do their best.

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