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Published 7 years, 3 months ago
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Ran is invited to audition for a drama based on Aladdin alongside Sora, who is also asked to design outfits for the audition. Ran, along with Ichigo and Aoi, undergoes swordsmanship training for the role, with their teacher not only teaching them about the basics, but also how to break realism for the sake on putting on a good show. With some weaknesses remaining from her one day lesson, Ran asks Ichigo and Aoi to help her overcome them by launching surprise attacks on her, with the other students joining in. Meanwhile, Sora finishes Ran's swordswoman outfit but struggles to decide on her own, contemplating what kind of princess she wants to be. Upon seeing Ran's swordsmanship come to fruition, Sora decides on a more unconventional dress for herself. The audition begins, in which an evil genie, played by Johnny, kidnaps Sora, tasking Ran with rescuing her, with her training paying off. When Ran is pushed into a corner, it is Sora who takes up the sword and stands to protect Ran, representing a princess who wants to protect the one she admires, rather than one who is simply protected, and the two of them join together to defeat the evil genie, both passing the audition.

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7 years, 3 months ago