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Published 7 years, 1 month ago
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As Mizuki and WM reach the top of Aikatsu Ranking charts, Mikuru is tasked by Mizuki to reach the top ten rankings of the individual charts, suggesting that she needs to obtain a Premium dress from Vivid Kiss' top designer, Kayoko, who is currently in America. Whilst pondering about how to accomplish this, Mikuru is tasked with growing and delivering a golden Miracle Flower, which requires watering at specific times of the day whilst also working around her busy schedule. On the day before the flower is due to bloom, Mikuru worries when she narrowly misses a particular watering time, and the flower blooms in a non-gold colors. The next day, Mikuru finds the person who ordered the flower was Kayoko, who approves of the flower despite it not being gold and grants Mikuru a Constellation Premium dress, which she wears for her solo performance. After Mikuru manages to rank 8th on the rankings, Mizuki tells her about the goal she has set herself; to surpass Masquerade by September.

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7 years, 1 month ago