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Published 7 years, 3 months ago
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With the appearance of WM proving a threat to both Starlight and Dream Academy, Ichigo and the others turn their focus onto choosing an ideal partner, with Starlight students allowed to pair up with Dream Academy students. The girls who had yet to find a partner gather up together and try some test runs with different partner variations to see what works for them. As everyone is given the night to decide who they think their best partner would be, both Aoi and Kii suggest to Ichigo and Seira that they would be ideal partners for each other. The next day, some of the agreed pairs included Ichigo and Seira, Aoi and Kii, and Otome and Maria. However, Yurika gets upset when her ideal partner, Ran, is paired up with Sora, and refuses to pair up with Kaede when asked. This is largely because she feels they would be living in the shadow of Tristar, which Yurika chose to disband after Mizuki left Starlight Academy. Looking to disprove this, Kaede drags Yurika across town, where they are chased around by their fans, before taking her on a helicopter ride. After Kaede convinces her that together they can overcome any naysayers, Yurika agrees to become her partner, and the two parachute down to announce their partnership.

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