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Published 7 years, 3 months ago
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Akari shows up with a shorter haircut, which the others help to straighten up. Later, Ichigo ends up encountering Mizuki, who reveals she is forming her own unit from a new agency she founded herself, before leaving some cryptic words concerning waffles. The next day, both Starlight and Dream Academy announce the revival of the Partner's Cup, a tournament for idol pairs. Curious about Mizuki's new partner, Ichigo remembers the clues Mizuki gave her and searches for the whereabouts of Mizuki's agency with help from the others. They eventually find a warehouse named 'Moonlight Office', where they observe Mizuki practicing with her new partner, Mikuru Natsuki. After Mikuru takes her leave, Ichigo and the others find she is a shopkeeper at a gardening shop as opposed to an idol, with Mizuki explaining that Mikuru has a lot to offer because of that. She demonstrates this in a surprise live performance of their unit, named WM, after which they announce they will be participating in the Partner's Cup.

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7 years, 3 months ago