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Published 7 years, 3 months ago
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Akari begins her first day at Starlight Academy, meeting up with Orihime and receiving her cards, ID, and Aikatsu Phone before moving into the dorms with her new roommate, Yuu. There, Akari learns of a TV programme where Ichigo discusses why she chose her, though Ichigo's words, that she saw an idol in her, leave Akari with more questions than answers. Meanwhile, Kii hints to Ichigo that her decision to enrol Akari may have come from her desire to produce her. Later, as Ichigo is offered a PR gig, she decides to have Akari join her on stage and begins training her to use a Special Appeal. As Akari worries that she won't be able to become a star like Ichigo, Ichigo assures her that she is already a star showing the same light as a true idol. After the performance, during which Akari manages to perform a normal appeal, Akari, realizing she no longer has to try to be like Ichigo, cuts her hair and starts to form her own story.

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7 years, 3 months ago