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Published 7 years, 8 months ago
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As idols from both Starlight Academy and Dream Academy gather to participate in the Red and White Aikatsu Battle, Mister S is spotted, hoping to find the person responsible for Dream Academy's rise to fame somewhere among them. After interviews, Ichigo, Aoi, and Ran go to greet the event's super special guest, enka singer Sabuko Nishijima, helping to carry her giant 'Enkatsu card' that she had brought to the event. Shibuki then informs Ichigo and the others that Mizuki is somewhere in the building, prompting the girls to search for her, eventually finding her in the auditorium. Mizuki reveals she has been working at Dream Academy as Tiara's advisor, stating that her time with Star Anis had got her interested in potentially becoming a producer. She then gives Ichigo some Trend Collection cards for her stage performance with Seira, asking her to keep their meeting a secret. Having overheard their conversation, Mister S prepares to write a big scandal on Mizuki's 'defection', but is stopped by Sabuko, who uses her influence to keep him quiet. The Red and White Aikatsu Battle soon gets underway, which culminates with Sabuko's performance and Ichigo and Seira's concert, with both Red and White teams ending in a tie.

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