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Published 7 years, 7 months ago
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Dream Academy decides to hold a Christmas party with Kii as producer and Sora at the designer, while Ichigo features on a christmas cake designed by Asuka. Kii eventually arranges for the party to be a joint celebration between Dream Academy and Starlight Academy. On Christmas Eve, students from both schools assemble at a lodge on a snowy mountain to prepare for the party, with Sora planning to make an extra large version of the christmas cake. However, a sudden blizzard causes the cable cars to the lodge to stop working, preventing the patissiers from arriving on time, so the idols band together to make the cake instead. With the life-size Ichigo doll they were planning to use still with the patissiers, Ichigo herself takes its place on top of the cake.

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7 years, 7 months ago