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Published 7 years, 7 months ago
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Sora Kazesawa, a Dream Academy student studying in both idol and designer courses, is approached by Tiara to start her own Aikatsu brand. However, Sora feels a bit nervous about the responsibility of running a brand, as she's always been free in the way she's designed her clothes. Wanting to help her out, Seira and Kii visit her dorm, where they meet her pet parrot, Palm, and hear about what inspired her to become a designer. While staying in Morocco when she was a kid, Sora met a Bohemian named Mimi, who taught her how to design accessories, while also being inspired by her to travel the world once more. Wanting to carry on what Mimi taught her, while still retaining her own identity, Sora decides to name her brand Bohemian Sky, showing off her new design in a performance, where she also manages to pull of a Constellation Appeal.

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