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Published 7 years, 8 months ago
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Seira and Kii are due to do a performance together, with Kii suggesting they do their own choreography. Wanting to learn about choreography, the two seek out Johnny, who decides to give them, along with Ichigo and co, a lesson on how to compose choreography. After giving points about listening to the lyrics and imagining poses that fit alongside them, Johnny gives them a cryptic point to think on themselves. When Seira and Kii feel something is off with their choreography, Ichigo and co offer them some pointers to help their poses feel more natural, telling them to have fun and help each other out. Afterwards, their computer suggests they do some work at an airport to improve their dynamic movements. Before heading on stage, they come to understand Johnny's final point; to think about their fans who support them, and pull off their choreography flawlessly.

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