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Published 7 years, 10 months ago
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The presence of a reporter known as Mister S, who is infamous for exposing idol love affairs, puts the other idols on high alert. Meanwhile, Aoi and Kii are asked to participate in a fashion show themed around 'first love'. Feeling that Mister S may be targeting Seira, Kii has her take asylum in Starlight Academy, as she feels her secret hobby of cutely talking to cats clashes with her rock idol image. Thus, the gang decide to conduct a plan to publically announce Seira's love of cats themselves before Mister S can make a scandal out of it. While contemplating what Mister S's true objective is, Orihime tells Ichigo and the others her thoughts on idols and love before Aoi and Kii hit the stage for their fashion show. Meanwhile, it is shown Mister S's real objective is to find the secrets behind Dream Academy's sudden success.

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7 years, 10 months ago