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Published 7 years, 11 months ago
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One year after Ichigo left for America, a new rival idol school, Dream Academy, has been formed, raising its own idols. Meanwhile, at Starlight Academy, where Otome is the current Starlight Queen, Aoi and the others meet a peculiar girl, though can't identify her amongst the listed idols. The next day, Orihime announces a new evolution to the Aikatsu card system, Constellation, before introducing Dream Academy's headmaster, Tiara Yumesaki, and announcing a competitive concert between the two schools, with Aoi chosen as Starlight Academy's representative. Later that day, Aoi and Ran overhears Orihime discussing with Johnny that if Aoi loses, she will quit being headmaster. The next day, the girl from before introduces herself to Aoi and Ran as Seira Otoshiro, a new idol and Dream Academy's representative, along with her producer, Kii Saegusa. Seira soon makes her idol debut and pulls off a new type of Special Appeal, Constellation Appeal, that stuns the crowd. As Aoi becomes anxious about her own performance, Ichigo makes a surprise return.

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7 years, 11 months ago