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Published 8 years ago
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As Mizuki starts to feel the burden of her packed work schedule, Orihime gives Ichigo and the others a key to a Masquerade reference room featuring various materials on the group. They learn that Orihime had used a mask identity and secretly being an idol as she didn't want to continue her father's business, though can't find much information on the group's other member, Miya. On the first day of the Starlight Queen Cup, Mizuki collapses right before she started an opening concert. Having foreseen this coming, Orihime calls up Miya and holds a special Masquerade reunion performance for the opening act. Gaining strength from watching their performance, Mizuki manages to recover enough to perform the rest of the concert. After the performance, Ichigo is called to meet Miya, revealing to her that she is actually Ringo.

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