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Published 8 years ago
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Soleil have to make the announcement about STAR☆ANIS' tour without the Tristar due to a flight delay, but Aoi manages to handle things until a live feed goes up. Orihime also makes a surprise announcement that Powa Powa Puririn will be joining STAR☆ANIS as well. As the Soleil girls realise they need to practise for a special audition for the Mastery of Dance, Aoi hears about a new Futuring Girl Premium Dress and arranges a meeting with the top designer. While waiting to hear back from Orihime about the meeting, Aoi tells Ran about how she first became friends with Ichigo after meeting her at a festival. Aoi then hears from Orihime that they may have to cancel the Futuring Girl dress announcement as the top designer, Rei, has locked himself in a shell, so Aoi is sent to try to get him out. Aoi decides to tell him more about her first meeting with Ichigo and how she set her on the path to becoming an idol, expressing how much Futuring Girl means to her. Moved by this, Rei comes out of his shell and gives Aoi the Premium Dress. The audition goes well and Ichigo, Aoi and Ran each earn the Mastery of Dance.

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