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Published 8 years ago
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With Soleil now a three-girl group, Aoi and Ran decide Ichigo should be the leader. Meanwhile, Otome decides to form her own idol unit with Sakura and Shion, Powa Powa Puririn, while Mizuki takes an interest in Yurika. While initially struggling with what leader she should try and become, Ichigo gets some inspiration from a strawberry parfait, being a leader that relies on her team mates as much as they rely on her. Mizuki eventually reveals that she has chosen Yurika as the third member of TriStar, followed by an announcement that TriStar and Soleil will perform together in concert. Later that night, Ran meets up with Yurika to pass on her former uniform. Then the next day, after Soleil's performance, Johnny praised Ichigo as the leader although the day before, he said Ichigo will cause chaos. And after both have done their performances, Orihime mentioned how many units will formed one after another soon, including Powapowa Puririn.

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