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Published 8 years, 1 month ago
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Kaede, who is a super idol in America, manages to get a place in the final audition by showing she has done more extreme versions of the trials the other idols went through. This leaves Aoi and Ran uneasy about their own auditions, while Ichigo wonders if there is something more to the audition than simply getting into Tristar. The girls decide to visit Kaede, where they learn how she became fascinated with magic after meeting the designer of her favorite brand, Magical Toy. Kaede then explains to Ichigo that even though the audition is for a place in Tristar. it is still a performance which she intends to make fun for the audience. This encourages the others to do their best in entertaining their fans during their audition the next day. Following the audition, Mizuki chooses Kaede as her first member, but announces that Ichigo, Aoi and Ran must face off against each other in one more audition for the remaining place.

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8 years, 1 month ago