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Published 8 years, 4 months ago
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As the gang are chosen for a Newcomer Idol event, in which they decide on wearing matching brands, Ichigo is requested by Angely Sugar's designer to appear in a commercial for their mascot, Angely Bear. However, the scheduling for the commercial clashes with the training for the newcomer event, but Ichigo becomes determined to do both, as she feels they are both very important. While handling production meetings during the day, Ichigo trains for her performance during the night. Noticing her struggling to balance them properly, Aoi gets help from Johnny and Sakura to provide dance lesson videos for Ichigo to use as a reference. As Ichigo feels bad about falling behind on her concert practice, the designer tells her why she made the Angely Bears, to bring smiles to people. After finishing up her filming, Ichigo gets in some extra training with the others and performs well before everyone gets together to watch the finished commercial.

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