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AKB0048: Next Stage
Published 8 years, 6 months ago
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Chieri and Nagisa arrive on Sagittariusstar, where they rendezvous with Yasunaga who takes them to Chieri's home whilst he tries to arrange a meeting with her father. Whilst they wait, Chieri tells Nagisa about how she came to learn of AKB0048, leading to her first meeting with Nagisa, Orine and Yūka and the concert they all visited. Following the concert, Chieri had pleaded with her father to let her join AKB, only to be ignored no matter what. Upon learning Zodiac was using weapons against AKB, Chieri ran away from home in order to join the group. As Chieri's father talks with Nagisa's father about his alleged proposal to lift the entertainment ban, he sends his special police to apprehend Nagisa and Chieri. Meanwhile, Tsubasa comes up with a plan to warp directly into Akibastar's underground and cause a Dualium reaction, though it will need all members to reach Center Nova levels of radiance to pull off. Not wanting Nagisa or AKB to be harmed, Chieri goes along with her father's plan to make her a Center Nova. Along the way she runs into Nagisa's father, who explains that even though he and Nagisa walk on different paths, they are still family. Chieri sings for her father and her radiance begins to shine through the door of his office, and as she finishes the song a sudden gunshot is heard. After Yasunaga opens the door, he and Chieri discover her father has been assassinated.

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