Change Log

Sept 6, 2020

  • Server migration completed, upgraded to a more reliable server
  • Work ongoing on user profile system and enhanced backend services
  • Improved back-end to be more efficient

April 30, 2020

  • Video Preference Added in User Settings (Dub/Sub) videos. That is, when you open an episode the default mirror will be Trollvid Sub/Dub based on your preferences.
  • Bugfixes, minor design changes
  • Upcoming: user profiles and comment boxes

April 21, 2020

  • User system overhauled (new design and layout for subscription page and watch history page), working on profile pages for all users with unique urls to their profiles
  • Changelog added
  • Discord link added in sidebar
  • Subscriptions removed from sidebar (were difficult to see and did not look good)
  • Subscriptions page will only show recent episodes (i.e. per this month) to deter using subscription feature as a watched list
  • Working on subbed/dubbed preference option for users